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Important Visa Information

Please check if you need a VISA to enter Japan by accessing the URL below before planning your trip.

You may also gather information from your local travel agent, and your local
Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General Office of Japan.

You may request your VISA application documents once you have paid registration
in full. Please access the following application form for VISA application documents
and submit the required information.

Important Note

  • If the required information is missing, document processing will take time.

  • Once you receive the documents from the organizer, you must submit these documents along with other documents specified by the Japanese Embassy
    or Consulate General of Japan. You are responsible for making the necessary
    arrangements for these documents, and the organiser does not take any
    responsibility for the success/failure of the application.


  • Please also note that the organiser will not cover the cost of the VISA

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