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Frequently Asked Questions

-Can I change style of presentation?
No. Presentation slots are limited so we can’t change it unless you want to change from oral presentation to poster presentation. We appreciate all the presenters will present as proposed.

-Can I request my presentation slot?
 No. The organising committee will allocate each presentation to a slot. As written in the submission rules, you need to designate a co-author to present in your place if you are not able to present it yourself. 

-Can I cancel my registration and get refund?
 You may cancel your registration. However, registration fee is not refundable. Please register when you are certain of your attendance. The registration will be open until 31 May 2024 (Japan time).

-I need documents for my VISA application.
 Please read our instruction and submit a form
If you cannot access to the form, please contact us <>

-I need an Invitation Letter
 Please contact us <> with registration or presentation acceptance information.

-Where shall I stay during the conference
・The prince takaragaike
  We have special discount (applies 12th-15th June). 
please check:
Kyoto Station “Prince Hotel Welcome Counter” can be very convenient for your travel.

・The Lodge
  ask for availability by email :
  Booking for 12th and 13th will be open after 10th May 2024.

・Other options
  Please check ICC website. We recommend hotels along “Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line”

-What does the registration fee include?
It includes 2days lunch and coffee with snacks, and conference dinner on the evening of 13th June 2024. We also provide welcome package at on-site registration.

-Any tips of traveling to Kyoto?
It will be rainy and humid in June so bring light, comfortable clothes as well as folding umbrella. Also bring some cash with you as Japan is not a cashless society.
If you are traveling via Tokyo, you might want to book shinkansen(bullet-train) on-line.

-Is there word limit for the full paper to apply FISS paper prize and EASP early-career award?
Neither FISS nor EASP has formally communicated a word or page limit. EASP has indicated their evaluation criteria are based on:

  • scholarly interest and originality of the manuscripts

  • analytical and methodological rigour

  • writing quality and structural coherence of arguments

The winner of the FISS best paper prize is offered to be published in the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, which has a limit of 9000 words (excluding references).


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