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Call for papers 2024

We are delighted to announce the Joint Conference of the East Asian Social Policy Network (EASP) and the Foundation for International Studies of Social Security (FISS) in Kyoto, Japan.

Conference Theme: Best Practices of Social Policy in Turbulent Times

In turbulent times, good social policies are crucial as we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent inflation crisis.  Now, we face multiple armed conflicts and their consequences such as rising energy and food prices, growing migration flows, and increasing animosity between nations.  Such challenges affect not only those in the conflict region but the entire world population.  Furthermore, global warming and other ecological deterioration have reached a critical juncture, posing a threat to our everyday lives through the increased risk of natural disasters, and the need to accelerate the green transition irrespective of one’s location.  

In these turbulent times, international organizations, governments, NGOs, and individuals face the challenge of modifying and adapting interventions and practices, while also expanding and deepening values and policies.  Many new practices emerged in the recent past. Governments, for example, modified public assistance systems or created new programmes to protect those who lost jobs during the pandemic. However, these experiences are not widely shared nor are their impacts adequately analysed. The conference is expected to bring together research which provides insights into such experiences and analysis.

The conference represents a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners, especially in Europe and East Asia, but also in other parts of the world to convene, share, and discuss their research findings.  Presentations or panels covering all aspects of social policy or social security, in addition to the conference theme, are invited. Comparative analysis, as well as detailed local, national, and international case studies in Europe, East Asia, and other parts of the world, are welcome.  
Postgraduate students and early career researchers are encouraged to apply.

The conference comprises the following streams:

  • Welfare States & Welfare Regimes

  • Social Security & Social Justice

  • Migration, Social Rights & Citizenship Stratification

  • Health & Human Well-being

  • Families, Children and Care

  • Poverty, Inequality & Social Inclusion

  • Education & Vocational Training

  • Ageing & Pensions

  • Labour Markets & Employment

  • Housing & Urbanization

  • Gender Inequality & Social Policy

  • Social services & Social work

  • Sustainable Development & Social Protection

The venue of the 2024 conference is the Kyoto International Conference Center which is located a mere 20 minutes subway ride from the centre of the ancient capital, Kyoto, yet surrounded by a pond and greenery.  It is the first time for FISS and only the second time for EASP that their annual conference is held in Japan. A five-star hotel (The Prince Hotel Takaragaike) is located adjacent to the Conference Center and accommodations in various price ranges can be found within a short subway ride. 

Those wishing to present a paper at the conference should submit a 250-word abstract through the online submission system by
30April 2024 (Poster Presentation only). Information enclosed with your abstract should include stream number, title of paper; author name(s); institution; status; email address; affiliation.

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